After three successful Tony Hawk games, one would think that Neversoft, the series  development team, would eventually slip up.

The pressure is certainly on, as some gamers are again charging that the Tony Hawk games are the same old thing and that the series brings nothing new to the table.


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After this latest game, it certainly seems that Neversoft has again managed to silence the critics by presenting a more open-ended game that provides challenges of all types, bigger levels, and more character interaction. It’s not quite perfect, but fans of the Tony Hawk series will most likely not be disappointed and new fans will certainly have more than their share of fun with this game.

It’s interesting to see some of the changes that the series has gone through since it began in 1999. The first game had only a few challenges to fulfill per level, and achieving and breaking high scores and big combos comprised the zen-like quality of the game. Tony Hawk 2 introduced the manual (or ground wheelie), which led to even bigger scoring potential and it also introduced collecting cash as an important objective as it was needed to increase stats and open new levels. Tony Hawk 3 backed away from collecting cash and instead was based more on accomplishing objectives  some of which were rather difficult  and hidden secrets which were unveiled by repeatedly beating the game.

Now, in Tony Hawk 4, cash collecting has come back and the number of objectives in each level is pretty astounding. Some of the old stand-by objectives return, such as collecting S-K-A-T-E and achieving a certain score within a certain time limit, but there are new challenge types, as well. Skitching (which is skateboarding while holding onto the back of a vehicle), collecting all five C-O-M-B-O letters within a single unbroken combo, and performing tricks as they are called out are just a few of the myriad of level objectives that Neversoft has put into Tony Hawk 4.